The Bumper Stickers - Where Are They Now?

As you may remember from my very first bumper sticker entry, about a month ago my husband decided to create jnbwrite bumper stickers as a way to promote ON THE LINE. And these weren't any bumper stickers, but anti-vampire ones, complete with one of those little red circles with the line going through them.

The sticker that started it all.He thought it was a great way to distinguish OTL from all the paranormal and dystopian books on the market.

And really it was.

Because soon after posting, we started getting requests for stickers. And one month and two sticker orders later, I am pleased to report you can now find jnbwrite cars from coast to coast!

Here's the tally below:

  • 4 - Connecticut (with one car that travels daily to NYC)
  • 1 - California
  • 1 - Washington, DC
  • 1 - Maryland 
  • 1 - Minnesota
  • 2 - Vermont
  • 1 - New Hampshire

And now, I leave you with a couple of shots of the decked out cars, sent in by their very enthusiastic owners!

A Vermonter, braving the mild winter in style.

Our frequent flyer, known for her many trips up and down the East coast!


Yup, it's the Alero again. But this pic was sent in by a fan!! Looks like the stickers work!! :)


So I'm thinking next, we're going to need some Wesley's Charters t-shirts. What do you think? Anyone up for submitting designs?