Say No to Vampires?

As many of you know, my husband is one of the biggest supporters of my work.

So I wasn’t surprised when he said he was excited to start promoting ON THE LINE. Yet still, I couldn’t hide my bewilderment when he came running in from the mailbox one night, holding a padded envelope and wearing a massive grin.

“They’re here, finally!” he says.

I look at him, eyebrows raised. “What’s here? More bills?”

“No, not bills. It’s our bumper stickers.”

Bumper stickers?

Immediately I break into a cold sweat, wondering what crazy cause or sports team he’s decided is important enough to make us human billboards.

And then I see them. These are not just any bumper stickers. They’re bumper stickers FOR MY WEBSITE!

“I designed them myself, see?” he says.

And I do see. They’ve got my website all right. Along with an anti-vampire insignia.The bumper sticker. In all its glory.

My first inclination is to get defensive. “You know I don’t mind vampires. I’ve always loved Edward Cullen. And even you admitted to liking Carlyle.”

“Yes, but you don’t write about vampires. You see, your books are like the anti-vampire.”

Hmmm. I feel my defense weakening. So I tell him they’re cool and place them on the kitchen counter, then let a few days go by.

And as the time passes, I start to think maybe those bumper stickers aren’t that weird. In fact, maybe they’re actually pretty cool.

So readers, today I decided to take the plunge. We are officially driving around town with a bumper sticker promoting my site. I have no idea if they’ll work, but who knows? If we’re ever stuck in traffic, who knows who might see it?

Here goes nothing!Even if no one ever sees it at all, I’ll drive around proud of Tad’s clever promotion. Because really, in the end those bumper stickers are pretty cool. And there’s nothing I love more than having fun with my biggest fan.

And now readers, I leave you with a challenge – the first 10 to find my car in the thousands zipping through the NY metro area each day, and send me a pic of the sticker, will get a free copy of ON THE LINE!

Happy hunting :)