Breaking All The Rules

My whole life, I've played by the rules. Growing up, I (mostly) listened to my parents. In college, I rarely skipped class. When it came to writing, I did the same. I've even memorized the formula. Write a manuscript. Edit. Edit x100. Query widely. Get an agent. Go on submission. And get rejected.

Some publishers say I'm a good writer. Others say they like what they see, but just don’t see a market. Teens want vampires. Werewolves. Societies that are falling apart. The realistic fiction market is flooded. Publishers are having trouble breaking new voices through.

Well, guess what? I love Hunger Games, but I also love Sarah Dessen. And I’m pretty sure tons of girls feel the same way too. Girls who love fantasy, but sometimes want books they can relate to. Written by authors from all walks of life.

The original rule breakers.

Which is why I've decided that for once, I am going to break all the rules. That awesome manuscript the big six publishers liked but said could never be a breakout? Well, I've decided not to shove it in a drawer. Not to sit here hopeless, waiting for others to make my dream come true. Just like everything else I've accomplished in my life, I am doing this myself. 
Because I think my book is great, and I’m pretty sure there are teens who will love it. Especially those that grew up like me. Outside. Running through the woods. Spending all summer on the ocean with salt in their hair and freckles on their cheeks.
So get ready, because ON THE LINE is coming soon. It's a story about first love, big-time fishing and one fearless 16-year-old girl. She's already got my heart. Now I hope she'll steal yours too.