OTL Gets its own Beat!

The cool thing about writing a book is you get to learn about all your friends' hidden talents. It seems as soon as you're doing something creative and different, others are willing to tell you about what keeps them up late at night, too.

And let me tell you, hearing about their projects has really blown me away. From closet chefs to writers, painters and more, they are one talented bunch.

Which is why it shouldn't have surprised me when our friend Matt delivered a custom beat for ON THE LINE. I mean, we know he loves music and has put together some pretty cool beats. He even has his own website, Second Level Entertainment.

But still, listening to a beat called ON THE LINE Instrumental was even cooler than I imagined. The crashing waves immediately transported me to the islands, and that OTL movie script I've constantly got playing in my head!

So today I am proud to share with you the very first OTL beat. Though I warn you, it might leave you wanting to take that summer vacation...