Calvin Coolidge, Persistence, and the Truth about Success

Today I am going to talk a little about Calvin Coolidge. Yes, the same one you may remember from history class, better known as the 30th president of the United States.

A real question, I swear! ;)Now, as my husband the history major can tell you, I have a pretty good grasp on history, but I am certainly no expert. He’s the one constantly chiming in during those tough historical categories in Jeopardy while most of my best answers seem to arise during the science categories (and pop culture of course).

So it might surprise you to learn that eight years after last sitting in a history class, I still really admire Calvin Coolidge. Because President Coolidge understood the truth about success. That it doesn’t come easy. And that the way to succeed is to keep trying, keep practicing, keep growing – even when all you want to do is give up.

Seeing as I’ve spent the past six years climbing this publication mountain – writing manuscripts, editing pages, then writing new manuscripts and editing more pages – his words have never rung truer. Nor has any quote gotten me through so many long, tireless nights.

The hottest site that almost didn't make it.Which is why when last week my husband sent me this article about the “truth” of overnight successes, I had to laugh. This great blog entry from Fast Company talks a lot about the myth of the overnight success, and how many of the biggest success stories of today (Pinterest, Groupon, even the Dyson vacuum) all came from blood, sweat and the brink of failure.

A good lesson for all of us to remember, no matter what dreams we’re chasing. Because the key to success isn’t just talent or luck or timing. It’s hard work. Believing in yourself. And never giving up.

Simple advice, but powerful just the same – whether you’re starting a business, fighting for that promotion, or writing a book. :)