Happy National Support Teen Lit Day!

Getting ready for the drop!As part of National Library Week, today is Support Teen Literature Day! Meaning today is all about Rock the Drop. What is Rock the Drop you ask? Well it’s a day where readers are encouraged to “drop” YA books in public places for other teen readers to find and enjoy.

A perfect drop, in one of my fav spots! ;)Lucky for me, just yesterday I received a new shipment of shiny new OTL books for an upcoming event (more to come on this very exciting development soon!), and couldn’t wait to try rocking the drop myself. So with sunny skies and warming temperatures, I took to the streets, leaving copies of OTL behind.

Happy reading!!So if you live in my town and happen to like hanging out at the mall, beach or shops, you may just be lucky enough to score your own free copy of ON THE LINE. If you do, please enjoy, and be proud that by reading, you’re supporting teen lit!

Now readers, tell me, how are you celebrating teen lit day?

And if you find a copy of OTL, please let me know. I can't wait to hear all about it!