And it's here. POPULATTI has been out for a week, and the reviews are coming in! While the official blog tour is still a few weeks away, I wanted to take a moment to summarize some of the first sentiments coming in from readers. Please feel free to follow the links for the full reviews. Or head over to Amazon if you're interested in checking out the 45+ reviews listed there.

And THANK YOU again to my loyal readers. I am so lucky to have you all!!


  • Author Interview and Book Summary, Stamford Patch
  • Review - "Populatti remains a strong addition to any book club wanting to discuss the role that social media can play in our lives." SeattlePI.com/BlogCritics.org
  • Review - "I really felt the writer did a great job on the characters, I could totally relate to them" Scrap N Today
  • Review - "It was quite obviously written by someone who understands the mind of a self-conscious teenage girl" The Glitter Diaries
  • Review - "Well worth reading." Katsmiao
  • Review - "Overall...this was a very fun read" The Library of the Seen