Shout Out to the Little Free Library!

Our little free library :)With the release of the second edition of POPULATTI just days away, I decided to start dropping a few advance copies around town.  After debating the best locations for the drops (is it too late in the season for the beach? What about outside the local high school? Or movie theater?), I decided to start with my very own neighborhood library. And I'm not talking about our public library, which will get its own copy soon, but the one located a few streets down, right on the edge of someone's lawn.

Anything look familiar in there?The Little Free Library is an amazing concept - essentially a "take a book, leave a book" box, it is a way to bring neighbors together by sharing some of what is cluttering their bookshelves in a very cute, weather-resistant environment.

In the past few months since one popped up nearby, my daughter and I have become its biggest fans. We make the trek multiple times a week to pick out board books and novels, while always donating some of our favorites as well. 

There it is - the new edition!So today when we made the walk, instead of just bringing our usual haul of well-loved paperbacks, I also threw in a brand-new ARC of POPULATTI. I hope whoever finds it enjoys the early peek, and remembers to drop off a couple of their favorite reads as well.

Because if there's one thing we devour in this household, it's books. And there's always room for more!