How My Daughter's Making Me a Better Writer - Toddler Tweets and More!

As many of you know, my husband and I welcomed our first child a little over a year ago. During this time, I made the big decision to become a full-time writer, thinking I’d have all the time in the world to blog, tweet, write, and snuggle our precious little girl. More than a year later and I can tell you, life is very busy. In the best way possible.

Because not only am I learning to be a better person (patience really is a virtue) but I also think I’m becoming a better writer.  I’ve compiled my top five list of reasons why here.

  1. I’m Cutting the Fat – No, I’m not talking about food, though judging by the amount of food getting thrown from my plate to the floor, I guess it could mean that too. But really, I’m talking about cutting out all those superfluous activities. Like showers. Or manicures. Who needs them when you could be embarking on a tricycle ride or working on a new work-in-progress? These days, I’m all about prioritizing what’s important.
  2. I’m Rediscovering the Classics – Eric Carle, Sandra Boynton and Beatrix Potter. Oh, how I’ve missed you. One of the joys of motherhood is definitely snuggling up at night for that precious bedtime story. Or ten. Apparently my daughter already knows the best way to delay bedtime is to point at another book. Mommy does not know how to say “no.” Especially to a good story.
  3. I’ve Got a Built-In Promotion Team – Never before have I had someone cheer when I walkedHer first official tweet. into a room. Every. Time. Talk about an ego boost. Not to mention that she is already trying to help out in the social media world too. To date, she’s drafted hundreds of tweets, but only one’s made it to prime time.
  4. I’m Relearning Perseverance – I thought I worked hard until I saw my daughter first try to walk.  And then run, hold a fork, drink from a cup, dance around the room, and complete her first puzzle. Wow. Talk about facing adversity and fighting through it! Toddlers try, try, try, and try again until they get things right. Watching her master each skill is extremely motivating. Because if she can learn to walk, how can I not figure out how to write the next scene of my work-in-progress?
  5. I Want to Impress Her, Too – She may think she’s the one looking for approval (especially after unraveling a roll of toilet paper – yes, I still laugh every time) but really, I think I’m the one working hard for hers. Because one day I want her to look up and see that her mama worked through those sleepless nights and mountains of laundry and endless lists of revisions and rewrites, because she was chasing her dreams and doing what she felt was important. Something I hope that she always does too, no matter where her dreams take her. 

And now with that, I’m off to sneak in a shower. Because let’s face it. There’s only so much fat you can really cut.