Happy Birthday, OTL!

Happy First Birthday, OTL!

First, a few things I've learned over the past year:

- I am not a faithful blogger. In fact, I am much better on Twitter than the blogosphere. So, when you need your OTL fix, please find me there at @jnbwrite.

- There really are a lot of fisherwomen out there! I feel honored to have met so many girls who love the outdoors over the past year, and look forward to meeting many more!

- Interest for a sequel has been overwhelming! While my next project does not feature Piper, that does not mean a sequel won't pop up in the future. And until then, get ready:  This next story, expected out by Winter 2013 (hopefully), features a new girl, a new guy and new beach :)

It really is hard to believe it officially has been one year since the release of ON THE LINE! And what an exciting year it has been. In the past 12 months, ON THE LINE has reached THOUSANDS of readers across the globe - in the US, Canada, the UK, Germany and more! To date, I've heard from readers in 11 states, been fortunate enough to connect with multiple book bloggers and Twitter followers, and been honored to receive positive reviews from industry heavyweights such as Kirkus and others.

And we've been climbing the rankings, too, peaking this past Christmas season at #21 on Amazon's list of Top Teen Lit & Fiction. Quite a feat for our Piper Wesley. Some may say it's almost as impressive as taking on Wyatt Jacoby in the Bonefish Scramble ;)

So really I just wanted to thank everyone that has taken the time to read, share and talk about ON THE LINE. I can't tell you how touching it has been to learn about your experiences reading OTL, to hear what you think of Piper and Logan and Benny, and to allow me to share a little piece of myself with you.

Without you, OTL would be just another YA book fighting for shelf space with thousands of other publications. But because of your support and love of Piper, OTL is fighting its way to the top, just like Piper herself!

And finally, to thank everyone who has supported OTL and helped bring new fans into the fold, the ON THE LINE Kindle Edition will be just 99 cents for the month of March! So go ahead and spread the word!

I can't wait to see where the next year takes us :)


Jackie Bardenwerper