One Week Until OTL is in - drumroll - GIRLS' LIFE MAGAZINE!

Yes, that is correct. This time next week, girls all over the country will be greeting Piper Wesley in their mailboxes. A week after that, and the June issue of Girls' Life Magazine, complete with its special Beach Blanket Book Club feature, will be available everywhere magazines are sold!

And that's not even the best part. Because as part of this very special promotion, Girls' Life is giving away TEN copies of OTL!

Excited yet? I am, too, especially after scoring my very own advance copy today. This month's issue is filled with books, boys and everything you need for the beach. What could be better?

To help get you in the beach mood, here are few more pics of OTL making the rounds to tropical paradises. Gosh, if I got out just half as much as my book, I'd be one tan author! Good thing I've got my own trip to Piper's hometown coming up just over the horizon...

Got your own picture of OTL in a fantastic place? Send it along and I'll add to the post, whether it's from your house, dorm or favorite seat on the commuter train. I can't wait to see them!


Ah, Mexico never looked so good. OTL (and my awesome mother-in-law) hits Bermuda!Touch down in rainy Seattle. Next stop? Starbucks!