Countdown to Summer with OTL!!

chilling in Piper's hometown.So, first of all, I apologize for the week of radio silence. But while you, readers, were lounging at home or reporting to school or work, dutifully glued to your mobile devices, I was actually off in Islamorada, pretending for a week that I was Piper Wesley.

And let me tell you, that Piper Wesley has a pretty awesome life (as if we didn't all know this already).

Which is why I decided to bring a little of Islamorada, and On the Line, home with me for all of you to enjoy. For the next four weeks as we count down to the official start of summer, I will be posting the inside scoop on everything OTL. So get ready to experience Islamorada - from the inspiration for Rosalie's to the real-life turtle hospital, iguanas that tempted Benny, potential location of Oswardo's, and so much more!

To start off, I've included some pictures from Piper's "real-life" high school. Named Coral High in the book, these pics are of Coral Shores High, which I had the pleasure of visiting last week. The school is beautiful, located right on the water and now houses two signed copies of On the Line.

And I have to say, as I walked down those halls a minute after the bell rang, grinning at the crowds of young, energetic students, it seemed like exactly the type of place you'd find Piper, Benny, Marina and Logan.Who knows, maybe there really is a Piper there now, just dreaming of that last bell and her escape to the beloved Whaler!

go coral high hurricanes!imagine a high school where you can walk to this!