ON THE LINE at Frostings, Etc. - A Sweet Deal!

Discover cupcake heaven!As most of my fellow friends and Twitter followers know by now, I am a big fan of cupcakes. I crave them constantly, often complain about the lack of a local cupcake establishment, and am the first in the dessert line whenever I spot a tray of chocolate or red velvet, or well, pretty much any flavor!

So when the opportunity arose to offer ON THE LINE for sale at Frostings, Etc. in Tampa, Florida, I was ecstatic. Because what better way is there to enjoy a cupcake than with a sweet read? Okay, you’ve got me. Add to that a tall glass of milk.

If you’re in the Tampa, FL area, I definitely suggest checking out Frostings, Etc. A true cupcake shop, Frostings, Etc. really focuses on getting cupcakes right. Their cupcakes look like works of art, and taste just like that perfect treat you crave. The biggest problem I’ve found with the place is that it’s located in Tampa. Meaning that yes, thousands of miles separate me from pure cupcake bliss.

Thank goodness I have a thing for visiting Florida ;)

So what are you waiting for? Go check out Frostings, Etc. Something tells me you’ll soon have a cupcake craving of your own!