ON THE LINE Excerpt is Here!

Thank you to all who tweeted back about the type of excerpt you wanted to see! After reviewing the comments, it looks like everyone is ready to dive right into the story. So here's a couple pages from the second chapter of the book. I hope you like it!

And get excited - the OTL Cover Reveal is tomorrow!!



    As we reach the boat, I jump aboard, ready to start untying the lines from the dock. But when I look back, I’m startled by the third member of the group. Logan. He’s younger than I expected, maybe even my age, and seems preoccupied by Dad’s set of twin Mercury engines.

   “Come on, it’s time to go,” Nick says, almost shouting the words until Logan looks up and acknowledges him.

   “I’m here aren’t I,” he says, with a look that reminds me a lot of Marina in English class. Narrowed eyes, tousled hair and a scowl of indifference that would probably make my own dad fire me if I ever tried one on.

   He jumps on board then pauses to adjust his jeans before walking by his father to join me and Benny on the bow.

   Well this should be interesting, I think, trying not to stare at Logan’s slim black t-shirt and slimmer jeans that make his pale skin white in the gleaming sun. I wonder how he’s not slick with sweat before remembering he’s only been outside a few minutes. Give him an hour, and he’ll probably be soaked. I can tell Benny’s thinking the same thing as he snickers under his breath.

   Logan pretends not to notice and instead introduces himself to Benny, saying it’s nice to meet a guy his age. It’s then I remember a conversation from when we were walking down the dock. Something about Nick and Logan moving down here. I cringe, wondering if this new guy will soon be another face ignoring me in the Coral High hallways. I try to shake off the thought as he turns to me and smiles.

   “And you must be the famous Piper,” he says and the way he extends his hand makes me wonder if he’s actually a lot older.

   I crinkle my nose and stare before shaking his hand. “And how do you know my name?”

   He laughs. “My dad told me. Said he picked this charter because it was the best. He came down the docks last week and everyone here said you knew where to find the fish.”

   I frown, not buying his story. Sure, a lot of charter captains have heard Dad bragging about my special gift of finding fish. But none of them would ever tell a prospective customer that Dad’s boat was any better than theirs. Or that I was the reason for his success.

   But, having had enough scuffles with customers over the years to know when to keep my mouth shut, I just smile. “Sounds like you’ve done your homework,” I say.

   Logan laughs. “Guess we’re about to find out.”