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  • On The Line
    On The Line
    by Jackie Nastri Bardenwerper


Praise for ON THE LINE:

"A sweet, engaging story that neatly sidesteps YA clichés." - Kirkus Reviews

"This is one of those books once you start reading you don’t want to put down. Every character is so well-developed that you feel as they are real and you actually know them. They are authentic teenagers and not adults pretending to be teens." - Forever YA Fiction

"We couldn't put the book down...ON THE LINE is one of our beach books of the season!" - PopCosmo

"This was a really great read! I tore through it, reading it in a few hours...It's not very often that I am so pleasantly surprised by how good a book is, but this one did it for me. If you are looking for unique and engrossing read, I would definitely check it out!" - Booknerds Across America